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Join us for Grow Your Own in Hackney Wick, where we join forces with local artists to celebrate creativity and on Thursday 20 April, we welcome the FLOATING ARTLAND collective to immerse us with Interactive Photography, Story Telling and Memories' Project 'Randomness of Life':

Life is full of surprises, adventures and random events. Sometimes we just go with the flow. Sometimes we are fighting to be somewhere, but destiny deciding to put us in different places and circumstances. Sometimes we wake up surprised about what’s going on around. There are lots of random events and happenings. The most important thing is to notice it and enjoy it – those curious accidents.

In this project we want to talk exactly about these memories, recorded with a photo camera. It lets to look at events in a different view, gives a smile and inspires to be humorous, look for more adventurous and crazy randomness.

We want to inspire as much people as possible to join this project by sending your own random photos. It does not need to be professionally taken. All you need to do is to remember your very craziest day, find a photo and send it to with a short story, telling what's happened at that very moment. We know you have many of those ;)

On the day photography and short videos will be projected on the wall with occasional short performances, recreating those random moments.

Expect DJ spinning tunes and good night of wonder and laugh.

FLOATING ARTLAND collective is always trying to organize interactive events. They believe that in this way communication will be developed within different people, participants and spectators, the boundaries will be tackled and gone. Everybody is an artist and in this project we will prove it again. More at