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Reconcavo Beats is thrilled to announce the second edition of ObáObá on 2nd February 2018!!! This time around we invite you to dive deep into Brazilian regional rhythms and submerge yourself completely in a night of good music and good vibes.

The chosen date for our party is no coincidence… Just a few days before Carnival kicks off, 2nd February is an instrumental date in the Brazilian cultural calendar. It is Iemanjá (or Yemoja) day. Iemanjá is a water deity celebrated across cultures, often depicted as a mermaid, always surrounded by mysteries…So ObáObá - Iemanjá Vibes is all about paying respect the diversity of the Brazilian cultural background and beach culture, and celebrating the Carnival season.

The electric DJ, music researcher and curator Farofa will once again join us in London for this special day. London-based Brazilian folk band Double Xote will also be playing a set created especially for this edition. And of course the bar will serve Cachaça Bartolomeu - be ready to taste delicious caipirinhas and other special drinks!

ObáObá is a collaborative party.


Farofa is a Brazilian music researcher and curator based in Porto, Portugal. He specialises in Brazilian music and vinyl, but his influences are also diverse, ranging from modern European sounds to African roots, including psychedelic rock and folk music and is inspired by love and connections. DJ Farofa has performed at venues such as Casa da Música, Café Au Lait, Embaixada do Port and Music Box. He has also played at Festival MIMO (2016/2017), and other parties such as Baile Tropicante, Kebraku, MUSA OPORTO TOUR #1, Candonga, Pilantragi, Mundo Mestiço, DESOBEDOC and Ovar’s Carnival.

Double Xote is a London-based folk trio that celebrates the traditional forró pé-de-serra culture. They are originally from the state of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Cachaça Bartolomeu is a small-batch craft cachaça that has just arrived in London. Since it's aged in native woods, it gives a unique and special flavour to the famous Caipirinha cocktail.